I work exclusively with Bruce @ Smithco Photo Images because he is 100% professional no matter what the subject of the shoot. He also understands the needs of an artist, Vs. the requirements of a model, and how to work with both. I look forward to many more shoots together.

Sarah D. Ft Lauderdale, FL.


Bruce was very even-toned and patient as well as extremely professional. It was a highly enjoyable experience shooting with him. He made several hours of shooting very comfortable. First pro shoot in years.

Michael L. Ft Lauderdale, FL.


Bruce is an exceptional photographer. i was concerned because I did not have a MUA and did my own hair and makeup. With outdoor photography, makeup is everything. I couldn’t believe how amazing the images looked – even before editing. That is no easy feat – as I have worked with many photographers. I highly recommend Bruce for all of your photography needs.

Jaqueline K. H. Atlanta, GA.


Bruce is an AMAZING photographer… very sweet, honest, experienced and a true pleasure to work with. He has a great vision for photography and can see the concept clearly. He is very adventurous, well humored, and has the ability to co-ordinate, guide and create fantastic images. Bruce is incredible professional, humble, and authentic. I highly recommend him if you want a photographer with a great personality and exceptional talent.

Nora C. Miami, FL.


Lovely experience. Comfortable, outgoing, calm and collectible. Bruce is open to interpretation, is level headed with a great personalityand always open for an adventure. Can’t wait to shoot with him again soon.

Katrina P. Miami, FL.


It was my first photo shot with Smithco Photo Images. It was incredible, and so easy. I felt very comfortable. Bruce is very professional, and I look forward to shooting more with him.

Marie Z. Hollywood, FL.


Bruce was well organized during our shoot.  He was very aware of the environment.  I felt comfortable while posing for his camera.  We had a great conversation in regards to future work together.  I would highly recommend everyone to work with him is they have a chance.
Eric B. North Miami Beach, FL.


Bruce us AWESOME. I was very comfortable – a true gentleman! Looking forward to seeing the final images and shooting with him more when I come back to visit.

Leslie W. Manuik, NJ


Great, super nice job and so professional.  I had so much fun shooting with Bruce and I felt so comfortable.  We will be planning many more shoots together.

Marie C. Opaloka FL.


Had So much Fun! Great Pictures. can’t wait to post! Awesome person, and always professional & willing to “keep on going”
Julissa C.


It was amazing and I loved shooting with you.  Very profefssional and fun at the same time.  I loved it!
Danari A.


We have AMAZING shots, again! I love you.  always love shooting with you.
Brittany L.


Bruce was amazing and so professional. it was a pleasure to work with him.
Sari H.


Had lots of fun. I felt very comfortable and got to play with some abstract moves. Hope to shoot with you again soon.
Celine A.


Very professional and easy going… patient and thorough.. Thank You for another excellent experience, Can wait to do it again.
Eleni M.


Awesome shoot. Had so much fun! loved the beach shots, curious to see how the paddle board shots came out. Will definitely shoot with Bruce again.
Madison B.


Bruce was extremely professional and fun to work with. I definitely will work with Bruce again.  He offered me suggestions and worked with me.
Sharita C.


Today was a great shoot.  I had an absolute blast. Bruce is A1 and I would recommend him to everyone.
Herine B.


The very best in the business!
Angela P.


I had a great time, fun shoot. I love everything. Can’t wait to see the pictures.  I look forward to work with you again.
Cassanrde J.


Professional, patient, and very good to work with.
Camila M.


Hell of a photographer and very professional.  Bruce is the right person you want to call every time you need or want a photo shoot.

Annabella E.


As always, Bruce Smith did an amazing shoot.  Attending to every detail, and very professional high quality pictures and a joy to work with..

Gabriela E.


Know Bruce for a while and every shoot I have done with him is a lot of fun and no pressure, very creative, talented and kind person.

Marianna C.


Such a trooper shooting through the rain until we couldn’t shoot any more. Always great working with you.

Rebecca R.


Simply one of the best photographers I shot with so far.

Mike M.


I had a shooting today with Bruce Smith, which is an amazing photographer and an amazing person.  The time that I spent shooting was absolutely great. I felt like I know him forever. He does an amazing job and i recommend him to everyone with trust.  He loves photography and he loves his job as a photographer. He does everything with so much pleasure. Thank You very much Bruce.  I love all the pictures.

Cristina M.


Thank You so much for such a great experience.  very professional and amazing photographer.  Such a pleasure to work with. Thanks again and looking forward to another remarkable and fun shoot.

Olga N.


My experience with Bruce has been fabulous.  he is very professional and easy to work with. He has a way of bringing out the inner beauty as well as outer beauty.  I highly recommend him.

Michelle L.


Bruce Smith is high end professional all the way.  One of the most amazing photo shoots I have ever been on. Bruce makes everyone feel relaxed, thus giving you the best photography shoot for your port folio, To sum up my experience with Bruce “Just Fabulous”.

Angela P.


Bruce is very talented, punctual, passionate and very skilled at his craft.  My shoot with Bruce was fun, creative and relaxing. Bruce is flexible and open minded.

from Leah G.